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July 29, 2022
Teacher reading a book to infant during infant care in Harrison.

Infant Care in the Harrison Area: Why Infant Care Is So Important

If you are a parent who is focusing on your career and providing for your family, child care is essential. Finding quality infant care in the Harrison area is easy with Discovery Point Hunter Road. We offer comprehensive care that will benefit both your child and your family.

Child care can hold different levels of importance for each family. Here are some common reasons why child care may be important for you and your child:

  • Developmental opportunities
  • Increased job security
  • Peer interaction
  • Encouraged daily routine
  • Introduction to basic literacy and math skills

Our team is here to provide the care your little one needs. Keep reading below to learn more about our program.

Benefits of Our Infant Care Near Harrison

Our infant program focuses on holistic care for children in our area. We combine our comprehensive care with educational content and developmental opportunities. Our goal is to inspire a lifelong love of learning in our students.

Here are some of the key benefits of our infant program:

  • Low child-teacher ratios
  • Opportunities for social, intellectual, and emotional development
  • Focus on literacy and language development
  • Care for children ages 6 weeks to 12 months
  • Interaction with peers
  • Age-appropriate toys, materials, and content

We host our infant program in our uniquely-designed classrooms. These rooms are both safe and inspiring for our youngest students. We include plenty of soft materials and use an open layout to promote exploration and teacher supervision. Each classroom also includes storage space for your child’s belongings and supplies.

Get Started with Discovery Point Hunter Road

Discovery Point Hunter Road proudly serves families in our area with high-quality child care programs. We can bring you peace of mind with our safe and comprehensive care. If you are located in Harrison, Ooltewah, or throughout the surrounding area, consider our infant care for your little one.

For families who are new to our programs, we encourage you to schedule a free tour of our center. You will have the opportunity to see our infant classrooms, experience our programs in action, and ask any questions you have. Call or visit our center today to set up your complimentary tour.

For more information about our infant care in the Harrison area, call us at (423) 344-4422. We are here to help you find exceptional care for your child.