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May 3, 2023
child playing during day care in Quail Hollow

Day Care in the Quail Hollow Area: Important Info for Parents

Staying informed about your child’s care arrangements is easy with our day care in the Quail Hollow area. We understand that frequent communication builds a strong relationship and a childcare community. You will find important information about Discovery Point Lexington Oaks and our programs below.

Our programs take place in a safe, loving, and inspirational environment. We also focus on age-appropriate growth and development. Each program includes educational content that is paired with hands-on learning activities. 

About Our Day Care Near Quail Hollow

We have various programs available to meet your childcare needs. Our students range in age from six weeks old up to twelve years old. Each program features content and activities that are appropriate for the students’ development level.

You will find the following programs available at our center:

  • Infant
  • Beginners
  • Toddlers
  • Preschool
  • Pre-Kindergarten
  • Before and after-school care
  • Summer camps
  • Enrichment programs

We know that your child’s safety is important to you. It’s important to us, too! You can rest assured they are safe and secure at our center. Our team works diligently every day to keep our students safe. Some of our safety and security measures include open classroom layouts, visitor ID screenings, and childproof electrical outlets.

We have a simple enrollment process available for families who are interested in our care. We first encourage you to schedule a free tour of our center. Then you can fill out the enrollment forms and choose a start date.

Learn More About Discovery Point Lexington Oaks

At Discovery Point Lexington Oaks, we are proud to serve local families with our reliable childcare programs. Our goal is to provide care that brings you comfort and peace of mind. If you live in one of the following areas, we would love to welcome your child into our care:

  • Quail Hollow
  • Wesley Chapel
  • Grand Oaks
  • Watergrass
  • Epperson
  • Westbrook Estates
  • And throughout the surrounding area

We offer complimentary tours of our center to help you get acquainted with us. This is a great opportunity to look inside our center and see how our programs work. Your tour can easily be scheduled by giving us a call or stopping by our location. Our team is here to help you get started.

Call us today at (813) 907-8892 to learn more about our day care in the Quail Hollow area.