Infant Daycare in Marietta: Care for Your Precious Little One

Infant care should be safe, compassionate, educational, and fun. At Discovery Point Macland Circle, we have created a welcoming environment that will be your baby’s home away from home. Our infant daycare program for families in Marietta provides the security you want for your child and the peace of mind you need as a parent. 

Our Approach to Infant Daycare

At Discovery Point Macland Circle, our main goal is to raise the quality of care and education for the children we care for in the Marietta area. We achieve this in our infant daycare program by providing quality care for your child and helping them learn developmental skills every day.

Our educational care helps your child as he or she begins to develop lifelong skills. With our talented teachers leading the way, our infant program can help your child build a foundation for language, literacy, and social skills. By engaging in loving interaction and conversation with your child, we help them to achieve developmental milestones in first few months of life.

We want to be a welcoming environment not only for your child, but for you as well. We encourage parental involvement and want to build on the care and teachings you give your child at home. At the end of each day, we will give you a daily infant report to keep you up to date on their development, feedings, and diaper changes.

About Our Infant Rooms

While providing loving care is important, we put as much attention into the space your child will visit each day. The infant rooms at our center are bright and cheerful, with plenty of safe ways for your child to explore and play. We have an open central play area that allows for plenty of fun while our teachers keep a close eye on all the children in the room. The play area also includes toys and materials that are appropriate and safe for infants.

Because the room is designed for little ones who are exploring their mobility, we make sure that all edges are soft for their safety.

In each of our rooms, you’ll find a designated area to store your child’s personal items, like food, formula, diapers, and wipes. We keep the room sanitized throughout the day and wash all sheets at the end of the day to keep your child healthy and safe.

Visit Discovery Point Macland Circle today to visit our infant daycare rooms and explore our center in Marietta. 

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