Before & After School Programs in Marietta

Our before and after school programs in the Marietta area are an excellent child care option for working parents. At Discovery Point Macland Circle, we provide a safe environment for learning and fun where children can follow their natural curiosity and embrace the process of education. Plus, we help school agers continue their social and academic growth even outside of school hours.

What to Expect from Our Before & After School Programs in Marietta

Parents and students can look forward to the following when they become a part of our before and after school programs:

Secure transportation. We know that parents aren’t always able to take time out of their workdays to transport their children from school to child care. We offer safe transportation options to some public schools in the Marietta area with state-inspected and approved buses.

Age-appropriate lessons and activities. We keep school agers inspired and engaged by providing them with technology resources, access to age-appropriate literature, and fun activities that promote the development of social and academic skills.

teacher and student at our after school programs in Marietta

Safe and comfortable facilities. Our child care center contains everything your child needs to feel right at home. From private bathrooms to age-separate playgrounds and open floor plans for plenty of visibility, we’ve thought of every detail to design a daycare center that puts both parents and students at ease.

Inspiring School Agers in Marietta

At Discovery Point Macland circle, we provide children with new possibilities and hands-on opportunities to initiate the learning process and spark new interests. In addition, we offer a safe space where students can get homework assistance, relax with a good book from our classrooms, or engage in peer-to-peer play. With a range of options at hand on a daily basis, your child will benefit from spending time in our educational environment before and after school.

We know that your child care needs aren’t limited to days when school is in session. That’s why our child care services are also available on teacher workdays, holidays, and school breaks. Finally, you can have confidence that your child is experiencing a fun approach to education that keeps him or her engaged and inspired.

Contact Discovery Point Macland Circle today to learn more about our before and after school programs in Marietta. Just call our child care center at (770) 919-0405 to schedule a convenient time to tour our daycare center. We provide services to Marietta, Smyrna, & the surrounding communities.

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