Toddler Daycare in Marietta: Encouraging a Lifelong Love of Learning

Toddlers are eager to explore and exercise their independence. At Discovery Point Macland Circle, we embrace these qualities to encourage learning in our toddler daycare, which is available for children in Marietta and the surrounding areas.

This program has been designed for ages 18 through 30 months and will encourage the proper development for your little one. Our standards-based curriculum offers holistic teachings and development for our students and includes a strong focus on language and literacy. We like to keep our class sizes small, giving each child the opportunity for individual interaction and instruction from their teacher.

Here are some other key elements of our toddler child care:

  • Building new social skills, like sharing and making friends
  • Hands-on activities
  • Structured, yet flexible daily routine
  • Circle time with educational songs and stories
  • Opportunities for independence and individuality
  • Potty training with parent partnerships

To help our students stay on track with development, we incorporate a structured routine that also includes a little flexibility. With the proper guidance and supervision from their teacher, we give your little one the opportunity to explore on their own and make decisions. This will help them develop decision-making skills and embrace their own curiosity.

Toddlers become more independent every day as they begin to develop more mobility and dexterity. We encourage strong independence and individuality for our students, which will also help them build confidence in themselves.

Specially Designed Rooms for Our Toddler Daycare in Marietta

Another way we tailor our care for toddlers is by immersing them in our bright and age-specific classrooms. Each room features an open layout, which allows for maximum visibility and safety. Our rooms are also equipped with toys and materials that are appropriate for toddlers. This helps encourage your little one’s learning and development and will help reinforce the skills we teach with our curriculum.

We also have storage spaces for each child’s personal belongings and supplies. These may include diapers and wipes, which should be provided by parents until the child is fully potty trained. We are happy to work with you to encourage potty training skills for your little one.

If you are ready to learn more about our toddler daycare in the Marietta area, call Discovery Point Macland Circle at (770) 919-0405. You can also schedule a tour of our daycare center to get more acquainted with us and our programs, which are available for families in Smyrna as well.

Child playing with toys at toddler daycare in Marietta