Preschool in Alpharetta

Discover the Possibilities for Your Child in Our Preschool Curriculum

At Discovery Point Midway, we offer children in Alpharetta between the ages of two and four the opportunity to benefit from our carefully designed preschool curriculum. This program integrates plenty of opportunities for learning and critical thinking with fun and exciting adventures that help children develop as individuals and take initiative in the education process. Our curriculum is backed by scientific research into child development theory, providing lessons and intentional activities that keep young learners intellectually stimulated and encourage them to explore new interests and topics.

Parents in the Alpharetta area can expect the following from our specialized preschool curriculum at Discovery Point Midway:

  • Language development revolving around engaging activities that include music, conversation, dramatic play, and puppets.
  • Development of literacy skills utilizing storytelling, children’s literature, and writing exercises.
  • Opportunities for socialization and the development of social skills through group work and peer-to-peer play.
  • Development of critical thinking and cognitive skills through problem-solving activities and adventures in science, math, and health.
  • A focus on physical movement, outdoor play, and fine motor skills.
  • Support with emotional development and an emphasis on building confidence and individuality.

About Our Preschool Rooms in Alpharetta

Our preschool and pre-K students benefit from access to a separate, age-appropriate playground and designated “interest areas” designed to promote learning through play. These spaces contain carefully arranged materials that cover a variety of subjects, from math and technology to science and art. In addition, each child is provided with his or her own space for personal items from home, such as a blanket and extra change of clothes.

kids exploring nature at our preschool in Alpharetta GA

Preschool Student Portfolios

Our teachers in our daycare center in Alpharetta are fully equipped to observe students on a day-to-day basis to evaluate their progress and introduce individualized learning techniques if needed. We’re proud to honor the uniqueness of each and every student and take the time to assess their personal growth and accomplishments. At Discovery Point Midway, we even maintain portfolios for each child that document these achievements and help us review and analyze their development over time. This approach enables us to provide a solid foundation for learning and foster confidence in young learners as they thrive in a fun and educational environment.

Are you ready to learn more about our preschool curriculum for children in the Alpharetta area? Call Discovery Point Midway today at (770) 664-1773 or stop by our child care center for a free tour.

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