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January 30, 2023
Teacher and children at our Pre K in the Jonesboro Area

Pre K in the Jonesboro Area

5 Reasons It’s Important for Your Child

As a parent, you want your child to enter school with confidence. Our pre k program in the Jonesboro area helps local children prepare for school. We are sharing more information below about Discovery Point Fayetteville and our unique program. 

Pre k programs are designed to prepare young children for kindergarten and the grades beyond. They offer foundational learning in a variety of areas, including math, reading, and critical thinking. Children in these programs are also introduced to a school setting and routine, both of which are important as they gear up for kindergarten.

Here are five reasons why enrolling your child is important:

  • Curiosity is embraced and creativity is encouraged.
  • Important social skills are developed.
  • Children make their own choices and learn responsibility.
  • Learning takes place in a structured environment.
  • Children learn to follow directions.

About Our Pre K Near Jonesboro

At Discovery Point Fayetteville, you will find a well-rounded program designed for children who are 4 and 5 years old. Our teachers encourage their students to learn new things each day, including physical, cognitive, and emotional skills. We hope to see our students succeed in both school and life.

We believe children learn best in fun and interactive ways. That’s why our programs combine educational content with hands-on activities. Our students learn through crafts, games, and other creative methods. We hope to encourage a lifelong love of learning in our students.

Here are some key elements of our program:

  • Teachers trained in early childhood education
  • Interaction with peers
  • Age-appropriate content and materials
  • Small class sizes
  • Motor skill-building and outdoor play
  • Curriculum-based learning

Get Started with Discovery Point Fayetteville

Since 2007, Discovery Point Fayetteville has been serving the community with comprehensive childcare programs. Our team is here to meet your child’s needs and inspire them to learn and grow. If you are located in one of the following areas, our pre k program is a great resource for your child:

  • Jonesboro
  • Fayetteville
  • Lovejoy
  • Tyrone
  • And throughout the surrounding area

We offer complimentary tours of our childcare center for families who are new to our programs. Your tour includes a look inside our classrooms and the opportunity to experience our programs in action. Schedule your tour today by giving us a call or stopping by our location.

For more information about our pre k in the Jonesboro area, call us today at (770) 461-7322. We know selecting childcare is a big decision, and our team will be happy to answer your questions so you can start the enrollment process with confidence.