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August 4, 2021
provider of child care in Oakwood feeding toddlers

Child Care in Oakwood: Getting to Know Our Curriculum

Our child care in the Oakwood area features not one, but two curriculums. At Discovery Point Oakwood, we know learning new skills and behaviors is important, especially in the early years. We encourage holistic development with our educational programs. Keep reading below to learn more about our curriculum-based approach.

About Our Curriculum for Child Care Near Oakwood

In our infant, toddler, beginner, and preschool programs, we value age-appropriate development. To encourage this for all of our students, we follow two research-based curriculums. This unique approach allows us to offer comprehensive care for your little one.

The main curriculum we utilize in our programs is our own Discovery Point Connections®. This curriculum places a strong focus on literacy for our young learners. The foundations of reading and comprehension can start at a very young age, which is why we start at the infant level. Language and vocabulary development is also emphasized through this curriculum.

Here are some additional aspects of our Discovery Point Connections® curriculum: 

  • Reading aloud to students increases attention span and encourages imagination
  • Themed weekly units with reading selections
  • Inclusion of other subjects, like math, social studies, science, and art
  • Opportunities for social, physical, and intellectual growth
  • Adaptable content for each program’s age range

In addition to our own curriculum, we have partnered with the national leader in early childhood education. The Creative Curriculum® system by Teaching Strategies® focuses on incorporating hands-on learning into our programs. This not only keeps young learners engaged in the educational content, but it also allows them to enjoy learning. Pairing this with our main curriculum provides a well-rounded and interactive experience for our students.

Local Child Care at Discovery Point Oakwood

Discovery Point Oakwood is locally owned and operated, making us a trusted and convenient choice for your child’s care. Our team is proud to serve young children in our community, offering them a safe and inspirational atmosphere. We welcome children from Oakwood, Flowery Branch, Gainesville, and throughout the surrounding areas.

We are happy to give you a free, no-obligation tour of our center. This will help you become acquainted with our programs, as well as see our classrooms and play areas. Should you have any questions about our programs, this is a great time to address them.

For more information about our child care in the Oakwood area, call Discovery Point Oakwood today at (770) 967-4170.