Our Enrichment Programs

Discovery Point offers school enrichment programs to provide children fun opportunities to explore their unique personal interests and develop their talents. These classes are led by experienced professionals, offering age-appropriate activities and chances for children to develop new abilities.

Some of the Enrichment Programs Offered at Discovery Point Centers:

  • Music Lessons
  • Drawing Classes
  • Dance Classes
  • Soccer
  • Handwriting
  • Ballet
  • Art
  • Second Languages
  • Tech/Coding
  • Flag Football
  • Scouts

For a complete list of enrichment programs offered at Discovery Point Oakwood, please call us at 770-967-4170.

Benefit of Our Enrichment Programs

Led by private vendors or professionals, parents can sign their child up for these extra-curricular activities for an additional fee. This helps parents cut down on racing around all over town after school to get to different locations for extra-curriculars. Instead, your child gets a whole-child development experience at Discovery Point. While your child gets to learn new things and gain new skills in these enrichment programs, you as a parent get more free time to run errands, pick up dinner, prepare a meal, or even just take a moment in the evening to catch up on some relaxation

Partner with Discovery Point for your child’s development and enrichment! Give us a call at any time to learn more.

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