Prepare Your Children for School with our State-Funded Pre-Kindergarten Program in Flowery Branch

Families who are looking for a state-funded pre-kindergarten program in the Flowery Branch and Oakwood areas often choose the educational child care at Discovery Point Oakwood. What makes our pre-K program stand out? We offer a nurturing environment where children play and have fun while learning. Children look forward to coming to our center because we spark their curiosity and engage them on an individual level.

Our pre-kindergarten program in Flowery Branch — which is funded by the Georgia lottery — meets the developmental needs of 4 and 5 year olds. Our early childhood education is provided by trained instructors who are energetic and who enjoy watching children blossom. We feel children can benefit from a variety of physical activities, cognitive stimulation, and social and emotional learning to help them start out on a good path. 

At Discovery Point Oakwood, our goals are to:

  • Engage preschoolers in ways that address their individual learning needs
  • Provide a caring atmosphere that feels like a second home for children
  • Be a place where children have fun while they are learning important skills
  • Use active and educational play to get children excited about learning

Objectives of Our Pre-Kindergarten Program in Flowery Branch

Our pre-kindergarten program at Discovery Point Oakwood helps children in the Flowery Branch get the skills they need to have a successful transition from preschool to kindergarten. Our pre-K program meets the needs of the whole child, so they can be successful in both life and school. You will likely see your child flourish in a variety of areas.

Our pre-K program helps children grow in several areas, including:

  • Literacy development through the use of writing, storytelling, and books
  • Language development using dramatic play, conversation, and music
  • Independence and personal safety by teaching self-help skills
  • Fine motor skills are cultivated through outdoor play & physical activity
  • Cognitive growth is stimulated with science and math curriculum
  • Social skills are strengthened by working in small and large groups

Schedule a Tour at Discovery Point Oakwood Today

Your family is welcome to come and take a tour of our daycare center so you can see for yourself what makes us special. Our friendly center director will be happy to show you around our classrooms, playgrounds, and facilities. You can also meet our teachers and learn about our safety measures. We will aim to learn about your child so we can meet their individual needs.

Call Discovery Point Oakwood today at (770) 967-4170 and schedule a tour to learn more about our state-funded pre-kindergarten program and how it impacts children throughout Flowery Branch.

Boy playing with Lego at our pre-kindergarten program in Flowery Branch