Before & After School Programs in Flowery Branch

At Discovery Point Oakwood, we understand how frustrating it can be when working parents have trouble finding a child care solution for busy school days. Our before and after school programs in Flowery Branch are designed to provide school agers with a safe and engaging space where they can learn while having fun. In addition, our programs ensure that busy parents have access to the school-day child care they need as well as peace of mind that their children are having a blast.

What to Expect from Our Before and After School Programs in Flowery Branch

Parents of school agers in Flowery Branch can look forward to the following when they enroll in our before and after school programs:

Convenient transportation. We utilize safe, state-approved and inspected buses to offer convenient pick-up and drop-off services for students at some schools in the local area.

Age-appropriate program design. We know what it takes to keep school agers intellectually stimulated and engaged with the learning process. Our fun and exciting activities help children continue their social and academic growth and development even outside of school hours.

Access to educational resources. We have everything your child needs to finish up the day’s homework or simply relax, including a wide selection of children’s literature, technology, school supplies, and homework help.

Facilities that prioritize comfort and security. School agers feel right at home in our comfortable daycare center, which includes important details like private bathrooms, open floor plan classrooms, age-separate play spaces, and limited building access for increased security.

health meals at our after school programs in Flowery Branch

Healthy meals and snacks. We’ll keep your child fueled and energized so that he or she can focus on learning and having fun.

Inspiring School Agers in Flowery Branch

Our before and after school programs are about so much more than providing children with careful supervision and a safe space to enjoy their time outside of school hours. We also actively seek to encourage children to embrace the learning process and take the initiative in their own education. Thanks to our exciting approach to learning, school agers can leave our child care center with a new sense of wonder and adventure that they can take back with them to the classroom.

Get started with a free tour of our child care center in Flowery Branch, Oakwood, Gainesville today. Just call Discovery Point Oakwood at (770) 967-4170 to learn more about our before and after school programs and arrange a convenient time for your tour.

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