Child Care Health & Nutrition

Children benefit from our nutritious menu and become educated about what’s included in a healthy meal. Discovery Point’s menus are posted daily to let families know what to expect from our child care health and nutrition program.

A healthy child is better able to learn and grow, both academically and socially. Mealtime is also an excellent opportunity for children to work on their social skills while providing them with happy and healthy fuel! We therefore believe it is such an important part of our curriculum to lead by example and reinforce nutritional education.

  • We strictly enforce health and hygiene standards
  • Our commercial kitchens prepare USDA-approved, child-friendly menus
  • We accommodate dietary needs regarding allergies
  • Our equipment and toys are systematically sanitized
  • We communicate to parents when their children are sick

We take the quality and cleanliness of our facilities very seriously. Our rigid safety policies and health guidelines reflect that commitment. In addition, we accommodate any allergies or dietary restrictions for the absolute finest in child care health and nutrition.

Fueling Healthy Development at Our Child Care Centers

Child care health and nutrition go hand-in-hand with learning and growth. Your child’s health is of the utmost importance to us. It’s a commitment we share at every local Discovery Point Child Development Center. We will also communicate openly with you should your child become sick or injured for any reason. We believe nutrition is a foundational building block for healthy living and learning, so we work to provide each child with nourishing, USDA-approved meals.

Discovery Point Offers More Than Brainpower

Just like anything else, the brain needs fuel in order to function properly. Children at Discovery Point benefit from our wholesome approach to nutrition as well as our approach to learning. Together, these make for a healthy, growing child.

We are passionate about providing your child with the foundation he or she needs to thrive academically, socially, and physically.

We welcome you to schedule a tour to learn more about our philosophy of excellent health and nutrition for your child. Find a center near you to get started today!