Before & After School Programs in Cumming

At Discovery Point Post Road, we understand that working parents can find it challenging to arrange child care before and after school. Our before and after school programs for school agers in Cumming offer an excellent solution for busy parents of school agers. We provide a secure, engaging environment for school-aged students, where they can have fun while learning more about the world around them.

About Our Before and After School Programs in Cumming

Here’s a look at a few of the wonderful things we have in store for school agers in Cumming who attend our before and after school programs:

Age-appropriate activities. Our exciting activities keep school agers engaged with the learning process so that they can continue to expand their skill base and hone in on their academic growth even outside of school. We also promote teamwork and peer-to-peer play through interactive projects.

Secure facilities where children feel comfortable. We have everything needed for your child to feel right at home while giving you peace of mind about their safety and security. Our child care center has been designed with open floor plan classrooms, play areas separated by age, private bathrooms, and other important details to promote both safety and comfort.

teacher helps student wit her homework at our after school programs in Cumming GA

Access to educational supplies. Whether your child wants to finish up homework or relax with a good novel, we can help. Our daycare center includes a wide selection of children’s literature, school supplies, and various technologies. We also offer homework help on request.

Child care outside of the official school calendar. We understand that your child care needs don’t always align with the official school calendar. That’s why we also offer care on teacher workdays, school breaks, and some official holidays.

Inspiring School Agers in Cumming

In addition to keeping children safe and secure while providing parents with peace of mind, our aim is to help ensure that school agers have the resources they need to follow their natural curiosity. By taking the lead in their own education, children have more opportunities to find new interests and build new skills while having fun and developing a lifelong love of learning.

Don’t hesitate to learn more about what you can expect from our before and after school programs. Contact Discovery Point Post Road today at (770) 844-7977 to set up a free tour of our child care center in Cumming, Polo Fields.

Kids playing soccer