Infant Daycare in Canton: Care for Your Precious Little One

At Discovery Point Prominence Point, we are committed to offering top-quality care and education in the community. If you are a parent looking for child care, we provide individualized and educational care. For children ages 6 weeks to 12 months, our infant daycare in Canton can be your child’s home away from home.

Our Approach to Infant Daycare

Our approach to infant daycare is unique in that we combine quality care with age-appropriate education. This allows us to better serve your child and help them learn and grow in our care. We like to call this our whole-child mentality.

Teachers in our Canton child development center tend to your child’s physical care needs, from feedings to diaper changes, throughout the day. However, we go even further and give each child the personal attention they need. Our programs feature a low child-teacher ratio, which allows for more one-on-one interaction.

We also encourage parental involvement and input for your child’s care. Each day, you will receive a daily infant report which will give you all the details about your child’s feedings, diaper changes, and development for the day. By working closely with you, we will be able to meet your child’s needs more effectively.

A big component of our infant daycare is our educational care. We help little ones develop key skills during this early stage of life. Our teachers work to teach your child literacy, language, and social skills, which will serve them for years to come.

About Our Infant Rooms

Our infant daycare rooms are designed to be bright, cheery, and safe. These custom-designed rooms help us meet your child’s needs and create a fun and secure environment. Each room has an open play area that allows for full teacher supervision. We also have age-appropriate toys and materials in the rooms that help your child develop confidence, creativity, and imagination. We want your child to be excited about exploring new ideas and experiences, and we believe that excitement starts to grow in our infant rooms.

We have specific health and safety procedures in place for every child’s protection. Our rooms are safe for children, complete with soft edges for crawling, pulling up, and walking. We also keep the room sanitized throughout the day to prevent illness. Toys and surfaces are disinfected regularly, and the sheets are washed daily as well.

To learn more about our infant daycare in Canton, visit us at Discovery Point Prominence Point today!

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