State-Funded Pre-Kindergarten Program in Roswell

Discovery Point Roswell provides educational child care through our Georgia Lottery funded pre-kindergarten program. The families who come to our center will tell you our Pre-K program is about so much more than just child care. We strive to provide an active and creative environment where your child will look forward to learning. Our teachers will work with your family to find out how we can engage your child on an individual level. Our hope is that your child will think of us as a second family.

The state-funded pre-kindergarten program at Discovery Point Roswell helps children ages 4 and 5 get ready for the shift from preschool to kindergarten. The particular developmental stage is an important one, and we want to provide your child with the social and emotional development, physical activity, and cognitive growth they need in order to succeed. Our teachers are trained in early childhood education, and they are able to provide the guidance and encouragement children need in order to build confidence.

Our teachers are skilled at:

  • Engaging children individually to meet their learning needs
  • Providing a place where children enjoy the learning process
  • Instilling a desire to learn through active and educational play
  • Creating a nurturing environment that feels like home

Objectives of Our Pre-Kindergarten Programs in Roswell

The pre-kindergarten program at Discovery Point Roswell will not only help your child get ready for kindergarten, it will teach them valuable life skills. We focus on the whole child because social skills and independence are as important as academic skills. 

You will likely notice your child’s growth in the following areas while in our Pre-K program:

  • Development of fine motor skills through physical activity and outdoor play
  • Working in small and large groups to help children develop social skills
  • Increasing language through the use of music, dramatic play, and conversation
  • Teaching children self-help skills so they can become independent learners
  • We help to increase literacy with dramatic storytelling, writing, and books
  • We use problem solving, math, and science to encourage cognitive growth

Schedule a Pre-K Tour with Discovery Point Roswell Today

If you would like to learn more about the pre-kindergarten program at Discovery Point Roswell, come by and take a tour of our center. Our director will be happy to show your our bright classrooms, introduce you to teachers, and answer your questions.

Call Discovery Point Roswell at (770) 649-1110 today to book a tour of our Pre-K classrooms and to learn more about our state-funded pre-kindergarten program.

boy plays with lego at our pre-kindergarten program in Roswell