Toddler Daycare in Duluth: Encouraging a Lifelong Love of Learning

With our toddler daycare in Duluth, you will find a well-rounded program that is specially designed for this age group. Embracing each child’s individuality and curiosity allows us to encourage a love of learning.

This program is ideal for children aged 24 to 36 months. We use our whole-child approach, which combines learning and play, to give your child the best care experience possible. Our team at Discovery Point Satellite is here to provide everything your child needs, from care to education.

Here are some of the key components of our toddler child care:

  • Structured, yet flexible routines
  • Hands-on learning activities
  • Encouragement of individuality
  • Potty training with parent involvement
  • Building new social skills
  • Circle time with educational stories and songs
  • Standards-based curriculum
  • Strong focus on literature and language development

Toddlers are very curious in nature, working to develop their own mobility and intellectuality. To encourage this, we give our students the ability to explore on their own as much as possible. Of course this also includes strong teacher guidance and supervision for their safety.

Our instructors do follow a specific curriculum that has been developed for toddlers. We want to help your child stay on track by learning key skills. These can include educational skills and social skills, like speaking, sharing, and working along with their peers.

Specially Designed Rooms for Our Toddler Daycare in Duluth

Another important component of our toddler child care is our classrooms. In each room, we have built an inspiring atmosphere geared toward your child’s development. We use bright and cheery decor to encourage stimulation and engagement throughout the day. Our classrooms also feature an open layout, which allows for teacher visibility and child safety.

Our toddler classrooms also feature age-appropriate toys and materials. Because these items are geared toward this unique age group, they help your child develop motor skills and discover new ways to play and learn. We also have separate toddler play areas, keeping them together instead of grouping them with older age groups.

If you are ready to get started with our toddler daycare, call Discovery Point Satellite today at (770) 418-1901. We invite you to schedule a tour of our daycare center to get started. This will allow you to see our classrooms and get more acquainted with our staff. Our toddler child care programs are available for children in Duluth, as well as Norcross and Lawrenceville.

Child playing with toys at toddler daycare in Duluth GA