Preschool in Spring Hill

Discover the Possibilities for Your Child in Our Preschool Curriculum

At Discovery Point Silverthorn, we know how important it is to give young learners the tools they need to thrive. That’s why we use a specialized preschool curriculum at our child care center in Spring Hill. This curriculum includes a wide range of intentional activities that support children in becoming independent thinkers. Not only is our program grounded in scientific studies in the field of child development, but it also offers plenty of opportunities for adventure and ensures young learners are able to take the initiative when it comes to their own education.

a kid exploring nature at our preschool in Spring Hill FL

Take look at just a few of the important qualities parents in Spring Hill can look forward to with our preschool program:

  • Emotional development. We offer a nurturing environment where children can get the support that they need to develop self-esteem and build confidence in their own skills.
  • Social development. Our program includes group activities that ensure children work on their social skills and form friendships with their peers.
  • Language development. We make language learning fun with music, puppets, and dramatic play.
  • Literacy development. Our curriculum utilizes exciting pieces of children’s literature as well as storytelling opportunities and writing exercises.
  • Physical development. We make physical movement a key part of our curriculum with activities that promote fine motor skills and plenty of time for outdoor play.
  • Cognitive development. From problem solving to critical thinking, our goal is to help students hone in on their cognitive skills.

About Our Spring Hill Preschool Rooms

We provide preschoolers and pre-K students with access to their very own playground, a space where they can feel safe and secure while engaging in peer-to-peer play. Our classrooms are effective learning environments designed to spark children’s curiosity with specially designated “interest areas” that inspire hands-on learning in a variety of topics, including technology, art, science, and math.

Preschool Student Portfolios

Our teachers make a point of observing students throughout the day to assess their development and adapt our curriculum whenever students need additional assistance. We keep track of each child’s progress and accomplishments in individual student portfolios and use this information to evaluate their growth and offer individualized learning techniques if needed.

We invite you to schedule a tour of our child care center in Spring Hill to learn more about our exciting preschool program. Call Discovery Point Silverthorn today at (352) 796-9331 to get started.

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