Toddler Daycare in Spring Hill: Encouraging a Lifelong Love of Learning

At Discovery Point Silverthorn, we have designed the perfect program for your little one to learn and grow. Our toddler daycare provides educational child care for children in Spring Hill and the surrounding areas. By combining learning and play, we hope to inspire our students to fall in love with education.

Our toddler child care is designed for little ones aged 18 through 30 months. The main goal of our program is to help each child develop in a holistic manner. This means our curriculum includes lessons and activities that promote social, intellectual, physical, and emotional skills.

Here are some other key elements of our toddler program:

  • Hands-on learning opportunities
  • Building on new social concepts, like sharing and making friends
  • Choices in activities and play
  • Standards-based curriculum focused on literature and language development
  • Introduction of circle time including stories and songs with learning themes
  • Low child-teacher ratios

Our toddler child care follows a daily routine, which can be beneficial for all our students. By keeping things structured, we help your little one stay on track throughout the day. Our teachers are available to provide each child the guidance they need to thrive in our program.

At this age, toddlers are building their independence every day. We embrace this in our program and encourage them to discover new things on their own. This will help your little one build their self-confidence as well. For this reason, our daily routine remains structured but does have flexibility built in for student independence and decision-making.

Specially Designed Rooms for Our Toddler Daycare in Spring Hill

Our daycare center includes classrooms that are designed to enhance our programs. In our toddler classrooms, you will find an inspiring atmosphere that promotes all the elements discussed above. We have designed our rooms to include bright and encouraging decor, as well as open layouts. The open concept of the rooms provides ample space for play, along with increased teacher visibility.

Your child will have a designated space for their personal items and supplies. If they are not yet fully potty trained, you should be prepared to provide their diapers and wipes. Of course, we are happy to work with you to encourage your little one to work on potty training while in our care.

Call Discovery Point Silverthorn today at (352) 796-9331 for more information about our toddler daycare or full time daycare in Spring Hill. Our programs are also extended to families in Hudson and Shady Hills. Stop by or schedule a tour of our daycare center to get started with us.

Child playing with toys at toddler daycare in Spring Hill FL