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August 13, 2021
two toddlers being fed at daycare in Wimauma

Daycare in Wimauma: We Take Safety and Security Seriously

As a parent, you want the absolute best care for your child. This often includes finding a safe care environment for them. Our daycare in the Wimauma area strongly focuses on the safety and well-being of our students. Discovery Point Summerfield provides a secure care environment and educational programs for children in our community.

Our Safety and Security Measures

One of our main efforts is keeping our facility secure throughout each day. We have multiple measures in place to make this happen. First, we limit building access to a single entry with a keypad lock. We also conduct ID screenings for each visitor who enters the building. These measures help us avoid any unsolicited entries.

Another area in which we employ multiple safety measures is our classrooms. Each room features an open-concept layout, promoting teacher visibility and safe exploration for students. In our classrooms we include only age-appropriate toys and materials. This helps your little one play and learn safely. Our rooms also feature childproofing techniques for outlets, sharp corners, and more.

Our child care center uses additional efforts to keep our students safe. We have fire sprinklers located throughout our facility. We also have staff members who are certified in CPR and First-Aid in the case of an accident or emergency.

We believe parents deserve to have peace of mind with their child’s care arrangement. At Discovery Point Summerfield, our safety and security measures are designed to give you that peace of mind and comfort each and every day.

Get Started with Our Daycare Near Wimauma

If you are looking for a local, close-to-home child care provider, look no further than Discovery Point Summerfield. We are both locally owned and operated, and our staff has a true passion for providing educational and safe care for the children in our community. We proudly serve the following areas:

  • Wimauma
  • Riverview
  • Sun City Center
  • Hillsborough County
  • Gibsonton
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Schedule your free, no-obligation tour of our facility to get started. This is a great opportunity to learn more about our programs and see our child care center. We are happy to answer any questions you may have at this time as well.

Call Discovery Point Summerfield today at (813) 671-0900 to schedule your tour and to learn more about our daycare for families in Wimauma.