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July 16, 2021
Teacher and children at Discovery Point Child Care in the Land O'Lakes Area

Child Care in the Land O’Lakes Area

For a unique experience, turn to our child care in the Land O’Lakes area. Our team at Discovery Point Suncoast Crossings is committed to providing comprehensive and educational care for children in our community. Keep reading below to learn more about us and our approach.

Experience All Our Child Care Near Land O’Lakes Has to Offer

We have redefined daycare at Discovery Point Suncoast Crossings. Instead of dropping your child off at a place where they are simply watched over all day, consider our unique child care programs. We combine basic care needs with our fun, educational content. Our mission is to prepare your child for their ongoing educational career and allow them to have fun in the process.

You can expect the following from our child care experience:

  • Creative programs: Our unique approach to child care embraces each child’s curiosity and energy. We pair our educational lessons with hands-on activities to keep our students engaged throughout the day.
  • Health and nutrition: We serve USDA-approved meals in settings that encourage social skill-building. Our age-separate outdoor play areas allow plenty of opportunities for exercise and movement.
  • Safety and security: Everything about our center prioritizes safety and security. We have a keypad-locked entrance, open classroom layouts, and child-friendly materials and toys.
  • Preschool curriculum: The early years of your child’s education will set the tone for years of schooling. Our preschool program follows two curriculums that provide a well-rounded and interactive approach.
  • Quality assurance: We hope to provide the best possible care at all times. Quality assurance helps us maintain safety systems and provides ongoing certifications in First Aid and CPR for all employees.

Learn More About Discovery Point Suncoast Crossings

At Discovery Point Suncoast Crossings, we are proud to serve our community with our child care programs. With our convenient location, families in Land O’Lakes, Odessa, Trinity, and the surrounding areas can enjoy our programs. Turn to us if you are searching for a caring and educational place for your child.

A tour of our center will help you become familiar with our team and programs. Tours are free of charge and hold no obligation. We are happy to give you a look at our child-friendly classrooms and answer any questions you may have. Schedule your tour today by visiting or calling us.

Call us at (813) 792-9451 to learn more about our child care in the Land O’Lakes area.