Infant Daycare in Odessa: Care for Your Precious Little One

Your child’s care and development are crucial, and finding a care provider you trust with them is equally important. At Discovery Point Suncoast Crossings, we combine care and education for a well-rounded child care experience. Our infant daycare in Odessa focuses on providing individualized care for your little one.

Our Approach to Infant Daycare

We call our approach to infant daycare a whole-child approach. This means the teachers at our center work to combine care, learning, and play to give your child everything they need to learn and grow. We have created a welcoming environment where your child receives unique, focused, one-on-one care. The infant program at our center in Odessa is perfect for ages 6 weeks to 12 months.

Our educational care helps your child lay the foundation for lifelong skills. Our infant curriculum mainly focuses on the development of language, literacy, and social skills. By using fun methods and daily interaction, your child will be motivated to learn these new skills.

Our teachers are dedicated to tending to your little one’s basic needs. We also give your child love, encouragement, and individual attention. Our programs have a low child-teacher ratio, which allows the teacher to focus on each child in turn. 

Every day you will receive a daily infant report. This will keep you informed on your child’s diaper changes, feedings, and development. We believe in building a cohesive partnership between your schedules and routines at home and those your child will experience in our care. It’s why we strongly encourage parental involvement and open lines of communication. Working together with families allows us to better each child in our care.

About Our Infant Rooms

Our infant daycare programs are hosted in specially-designed infant rooms. These rooms help us to care for and teach your child more effectively. With safety at the top of the list, we also incorporate bright and cheerful elements to keep your child excited about learning.

With our small class sizes, the teachers can easily oversee all the children. It also helps that our rooms have an open layout, allowing for maximum visibility. Throughout the room, you will also find soft edges, as infants work on practicing skills like rolling over, crawling, and pulling up.

Our infant rooms also bring the fun to our educational care! We have age-appropriate toys to encourage exploration, creativity, and imagination. To keep everyone healthy, we sanitize all toys throughout the day and wash all bedding daily as well.

Visit Discovery Point Suncoast Crossings today or schedule a tour to learn more about our infant daycare in the Odessa area.

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