State-Funded, Private Pre-Kindergarten Program in Suwanee

Have you thought about how you can prepare your child for success in school? At Discovery Point Suwanee, we have a private, state-funded pre-kindergarten program that helps children between the ages of 4 and 5 connect to the power of learning. Our Pre-K curriculum equips students to thrive in an academic environment and provides them with the opportunity to build crucial skills that will benefit them in the classroom.

What to Expect From Our Pre-Kindergarten Program in Suwanee

We’ve designed our private pre-kindergarten program to take a comprehensive approach to learning that makes education fun and helps students in the Suwanee area develop as individuals. In addition to emphasizing important skills like math and literacy, we foster an environment where children can grow into confident learners and independent thinkers. Under the guidance of our teachers, your child can experience the joys of building new skills, grasping new ideas, and solving problems.

Take a look at some of the exciting things that we have in store for young learners in the Suwanee area:

  • Curriculum segmented into thematic units to provide for project-based learning
  • Use of fine motor skills and physical movement throughout the day
  • Support with emotional development and an emphasis on building self-esteem
  • Cognitive development in important academic areas, including math and science
  • Group activities and interactive play to encourage social development
  • Development of literacy skills through fun storytelling exercises and activities
  • Promotion of self-help skills that emphasize safety and independence
  • Language development using music, dramatic play, and puppets

Objectives of Our Private Pre-Kindergarten Program in Suwanee

As the main goal of our pre-kindergarten program in Suwanee is to prepare students for the school environment, our curriculum has a strong focus on developing math and literacy skills. With early exposure to these important academic areas, your child can establish a trajectory for success in school and confidence in his or her ability to learn.

We maintain low student-teacher ratios to provide all our students with the access to individualized care that they need to grow into confident problem solvers and independent thinkers. Our teachers have been trained in Early Childhood Education and practice balancing guided learning with student-driven activities, allowing children to take the initiative in their own education and develop a lifelong love of learning.

Don’t hesitate to learn more about our state-funded, private pre-kindergarten program. Call Discovery Point Suwanee at (770) 932-6622 to schedule a free tour of our Pre-K classrooms today.

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