Preschool in Suwanee

Discover the Possibilities for Your Child in Our Preschool Curriculum

At Discovery Point Suwanee, we believe that young learners deserve to have a stimulating environment that makes the educational process fun and exciting. That’s why we utilize creative preschool curriculum that encourages growth and development through hands-on activities and experiences. Our curriculum is based on solid scientific research in child development theory and is full of intentional lesson plans that support students as they build skills and grow into independent individuals.

Take a look at just a few of the things that parents love about our preschool curriculum at Discovery Point Suwanee:

  • It incorporates physical activity. Physical movement plays an important role in our daily activities, including outdoor play and the use of fine motor skills.
  • It promotes early language development. We stimulate language skills using fun props like puppets as well as dramatic play, music, and active conversation.
  • It allows for social development. Our group activities and class projects promote peer-to-peer interaction so that students can build crucial social skills.
  • It encourages emotional development. Young learners are given the support that they need to gain confidence and build self-esteem as they expand their skill base.
  • It prioritizes literacy development. We work with exciting pieces of children’s literature and incorporate storytelling into our curriculum to show students the magic of the written word.

About Our Preschool Rooms in Suwanee

Our daycare center has been carefully designed to allow young learners to play, explore, and discover in a safe environment. Preschoolers and pre-K students are given access to their very own play area, ensuring constant visibility and allowing them to have fun without fear at Discovery Point Suwanee. We also offer several “interest areas” to spark children’s passion for learning by encouraging them to delve into topics like math, technology, science, and art in a hands-on manner.

kids exploring nature at our preschool in suwanee

Preschool Student Portfolios

Our teachers at Discovery Point Suwanee practice vigilant observation of students on a daily basis to assess their growth and development. We honor the uniqueness of every student by introducing individualized learning techniques or adapted curriculum whenever necessary, helping ensure that every child has the tools that they need to thrive. In addition, we maintain student portfolios that track the achievements of our students and document their personal and academic growth. This information helps us evaluate their progress over time and allows us to provide them with individualized support throughout the learning process.

Take a free tour of our daycare center today to learn more about the benefits of our preschool program. Call Discovery Point Suwanee at (770) 932-6622 for details.

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