Toddler Daycare in Suwanee: Encouraging a Lifelong Love of Learning

For children aged 18 to 30 months, development and independence are vital to their overall growth. At Discovery Point Suwanee, we help our students thrive in our educational toddler daycare environment. With a unique combination of learning and play, your child will develop a love of education and advance in age-appropriate skills.

In our toddler program, we feature small class sizes, which keep the child-teacher ratio low. This benefits your child by providing one-on-one interaction with their teacher, while also allowing them to interact with their peers. Here are some other key benefits of our toddler child care:

  • Hands-on, educational opportunities
  • Parent partnerships to encourage potty training
  • Choices in activities and play
  • Building on new social concepts, like sharing and making friends
  • Introduction of circle time including stories and songs with learning themes
  • Standards-based curriculum focused on literature and language development

We also encourage independence and individuality for the toddlers in our program. At this age, your little one will be learning to make their own decisions, as well as moving and playing on their own. By encouraging all these things during our program, we inspire confidence for your child and allow them to discover new concepts.

Our toddler child care follows a structured routine that also allows flexibility for our students. Routines are beneficial for young children, keeping them on track with development. However, allowing flexibility can encourage your little one to assert their own independence and way of doing things.

Specially Designed Rooms for Our Toddler Daycare in Suwanee

Our daycare center features classrooms that are specifically designed to benefit each age range. Our toddler rooms are perfect for play and exploration with a bright and cheery atmosphere. We also furnish them with age-appropriate toys and materials, keeping everything safe and relevant for your little one.

Keeping our toddler rooms open and decluttered helps ensure the teacher can see all children at the same time. This ensures the safety of each child, and we also follow other safety measures to give you peace of mind. Our teachers and staff work to regularly sanitize all surfaces, toys, and sheets to keep everyone healthy.

To learn more about our toddler daycare in Suwanee, you can call us at (770) 932-6622 and schedule a tour of our daycare center. This is a great way to see our classrooms and get acquainted with us! We are happy to provide quality toddler care for children from the areas of Duluth and Johns Creek as well.

Child playing with toys at toddler daycare in Suwanee