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April 19, 2019
summer camp

Discover Our Exciting Summer Camp Opportunities in Riverview

At Discovery Point Symmes, we understand how exciting summer is for children. Summer gives students time to take a break from their normal school routine, enabling them to discover new interests and build friendships. Our summer camp program for children in the Riverview area encourages campers to stay in the “learning” state of mind while providing them with the opportunity to have a blast as they engage in hands-on activities and explore new places in the local area and in their imaginations. This year, we’ve designed a program called “Mighty Me!” that prompts children to discover their inner superhero and see their unique talents and traits as superpowers to be used for good. As they learn more about the world around them and develop practical skills, campers will build confidence and embrace important life lessons that they can take back to the classroom.

Our Inspiring Summer Camp Program in Riverview

“Mighty Me!” incorporates themes from our weekly readings of children’s literature into our activities and excursions, creating ten “mighty missions” that allow campers to connect real-life experiences to the lessons they’re learning as they read. Here are just a few of the topics and themes we’ll reveal over our ten-week program:

kids participating in outdoor activity at summer camp in Riverview
  • Friendship. At Discovery Point Symmes, we focus on how honesty, respect, and kindness have the power to help us build lasting friendships.
  • Self-esteem. Our activities give campers the chance to highlight their natural abilities and sharpen their unique skills so that they can build confidence in their individuality.
  • Creativity. We inspire campers to become visionaries through our imaginative art projects.
  • Sportsmanship. Our games, challenges, and competitions highlight the importance of fair play, teamwork, and sportsmanship.
  • Self-reliance. Children learn how to be resourceful in the face of unexpected scenarios.

Dynamic Activities for Children in Riverview

In order to keep campers excited about learning, we’ve scheduled in plenty of fun activities they can look forward to. In addition to encouraging summer fun, these activities also solidify the lessons that are being taught through our weekly literature readings:

  • Adventure-packed field trips to local sites
  • Exciting cooking projects
  • Imaginative drama scenarios
  • Competitive physical challenges
  • Puzzles, games, riddles, and unsolved mysteries
  • Uplifting talks from inspiring guest speakers and staff members
  • Hands-on science experiments

Give Discovery Point Symmes a call today at (813) 671-1800 to hear more about our summer camp program for children in the Riverview area, or stop by our child care center to meet with us in person.