Meet our Teachers

The dedication and focus of our staff in caring for and educating the children in their care is such a vital part of what makes Discovery Point so special.

Aki Koike


Jessica DeLuca

Assistant Director

Infant Room(6wk-12mo):

As Infant teachers, we enjoy to see your baby’s growth from the day he/she starts in our class to when he/she is ready to move to the next room. Our goals are providing a safe and secure place physically and emotionally where they can learn and grow. It is very important to us to form a positive partnership with our parents and gaining their trust. We utilize the Creative Curriculum that provides the babies plenty of opportunities to grow and develop with TLC (Tender Loving Care). We love our babies!!

Beg Room(12-18mo):

We enjoy being around children and love doing art!

Toddler Room (18-24mo):

We’re ready to begin lots of sensory learning and play.


We’re ready for the 2’s to begin new adventures on the preschool side of the building. They grow up so fast, make sure to check out all our new art projects throughout the classroom.


We’re excited to get the school year started and to get the children excited to learn new things.


Welcome to learning spelt a new way, FUN! In P-3, we learn through fun activities and games. Shapes and colors and numbers galor. Also we impliment ABC mouse into the lesson plans. Come and join us for a fun filled day!


How much fun can learning be? Join us in P-4 to find our children happily playing as they learn. Knowledge through play has become a most successful tool. Ourgames encourage both social and academic awareness. Come and see how special each of our children feels here in P-4. We Can Do Everything!

Pre-K (VPK ):

We strive for the best in our children. They love coming to our class and learning new things. We include ABC Mouse in our lessons and the children love it. We do a lot of art activities and send special projects home. We love parents to be interactive with us to help children learn. We look forward to having your child learning with us! Last year we scored 100% on our VPK Assessments. Great Job, Teachers!


Before and after school care for the older kids!


Nutritious, delicious meals and snacks, each and every day!

infant sitting with teacher