Preschool in Bradenton

Discover the Possibilities for Your Child at Our Preschool

Our preschool in Bradenton helps young children become creative thinkers and independent learners. Our unique program is designed for children between the ages of 2 and 4 years old. At Discovery Point Twelve Oaks, we embrace the natural curiosity of our students and focus their energy toward creative and fun learning techniques.

We follow a curriculum that is based heavily on research and child development theory. It allows our teachers to utilize a whole-child approach in their classrooms. This means we focus on well-rounded education and development for our students. Our lessons and activities are all age-appropriate, making them safe and fun for your child.

a kid exploring nature at our preschool in East Twelve Oaks

Here are some developmental areas we focus on in our program:

  • Cognitive development. We encourage our students to become independent thinkers by covering various subject areas, including science, math, art, and health.
  • Physical development. Our age-appropriate outdoor play area encourages physical movement and exercise.
  • Literacy and language development. As a highlight of our program, we use reading, writing, music, dramatic play, and puppets to help our students build their skills.
  • Emotional growth. We hope to inspire self-confidence in our students by including activities that build self-esteem as well.
  • Social skill-building. Peer interaction and group activities help each student socialize.

At Discovery Point Twelve Oaks, our teachers are trained in early childhood education, with a passion for creating independent thinkers. When your child is enrolled with us, they’ll be well-prepared so they can confidently move into their kindergarten and grade school career.

About Our Preschool Rooms

Our classrooms create an encouraging and safe environment for our students. We include only age-appropriate toys and materials in our rooms, and our students have a separate outdoor play area that’s unique to their age range. Each room also includes various “interest areas,” where our students take part in hands-on activities that are tailored to concepts and subject areas, allowing them to follow their interests.

Preschool Student Portfolios

Our teachers observe each student daily to keep track of their growth, development, and personal achievements. This information is then recorded in their individual student portfolio. Our teachers use these portfolios as a way to track daily progress and adapt the curriculum as necessary. You can always ask to see how your child’s portfolio is progressing!

Call us today at (941) 200-4250 for more information about our preschool in Bradenton. We offer no-obligation tours of our facility that not only give you a chance to ask questions, but also let you see our students and teachers in action. 

Kids eating lunch