About The Owners

At Discovery Point #1 the wonderful Job that has been done since its inception sets a high standard. With great hope Discovery Point seeks to continue that good work. Both Janet and Greg come from strong education backgrounds. Greg and Janet are proud parents and grandparents with three children and four grandchildren. Both grew up in the Atlanta area and have lived in and around the Stone Mountain area for over 30 years.

Together Janet and Greg bring a lifetime of experience to Discovery Point #1. Janet has her degree in Early Childhood with 30 years in pre-school childcare including several leadership positions within the Gwinnett Child Care Association. Janet directed her own accredited program, is herself a certified Pre-K teacher and has her special education endorsement.

Greg has degrees in psychology, education, behavior disorders, learning disabilities and educational leadership which he utilized as a special education teacher for 20 years. During those same teaching years Greg also worked as director for Smoke Rise Summer Camp and after school program.

Together Janet and Greg strive to provide a safe and nurturing program building on the strengths and uniqueness of each staff member, strengthening the quality you have come to trust and expect, and preparing your child for an empowered and prosperous future.

Greg Burdett Ed.S. Janet Burdett