Discovery Point Blog

January 11, 2017

Best of Gwinnett – AGAIN!

We are totally blown away and grateful to our parents and friends. Best of Gwinnett is a special privilege because it comes from parent and participant votes. The people who receive the service and best know the program were motivated to take the time to cast a vote and say so. We were not selected because of a few rabid voters. One voice got one vote. We are both honored and humbled.

So what makes our Snellville Discovery Point Child Development Center worthy of such notice? We certainly are not perfect and like everyone, we have our challenges. But we pride ourselves in being responsive. We do not let concerns or issues go unattended. We constantly seek to improve and evolve.

The culture in our center is one that abhors babysitting. Our goal is child development; social, physical, and mental. We want your child to be better off in every way, every day because he or she spent their day with our staff. Management’s job is to fully support teachers and empower them to teach and care for your child. To that end, we employ janitorial staff, curriculum specialist, an instructional specialist; we provide and support lesson plans and training. We hire more personnel than the state requires, keeping ratios low. We provide supplies, training, and support so teachers are not distracted by duties that take away from their opportunity to engage and teach the children in their care.

Owners Janet and Greg come from a background of education and not business. Our heart is truly to provide a level of quality care that is unexpected and unsurpassed. We continue to learn and grow. We are working on better parent feedback, we are working toward a 3-star quality rating, and continuing to develop even more effective teams of management and leadership.

These efforts combine to produce happy and growing children in a safe and organized environment. With this award — this vote — our parents have shown their appreciation for our efforts. Those efforts will continue because we love our kids and greatly appreciate our parents. Thank you for the opportunity to serve in this way.

– Greg and Janet Burdett