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November 15, 2022
Cute little children with nursery teacher at pre k in Centerville.

Pre K in Centerville: 5 Reasons It’s Important for Your Child

As your child continues to grow, you want them to learn important skills and prepare for school. Our pre k in Centerville combines care and education to create a comprehensive program that will meet your child’s needs. We are sharing more information below about Discovery Point Zoar Rd and why our program is important for your child.

Pre k programs are a great way to set your child up for academic success. They often encourage comprehensive development, including lifelong skills. When enrolled in our program, your child will have the opportunity to:

  • Experience a structured daily routine.
  • Develop vital social skills.
  • Build literacy skills.
  • Gain creativity.
  • Learn how to take care of themselves.

About Our Pre K in Centerville

Our program is designed specifically for children between the ages of 4 and 5 years old. We combine age-appropriate educational content with hands-on activities to prepare our students for their school entrance. Our program offers daily care where local children can learn, play, and grow.

We bring a unique approach to our program. Our teachers offer plenty of creative learning opportunities, including crafts and games. We strive to make education fun and interactive for our students.

Here are some other aspects of our program:

  • Strong focus on literacy and language development
  • Low child-teacher ratios
  • Themed units with coordinating activities
  • Social skill-building through peer interaction
  • Emotional development, including self-esteem and confidence
  • Open classrooms with age-appropriate materials and toys
  • Inclusion of music, crafts, and dramatic play

Get Started with Discovery Point Zoar Rd

Discovery Point Zoar Rd opened in 1989 and was the first Discovery Point location. Over the years, our passion for early childhood care and education has grown into the comprehensive program we offer today. If your family is located in one of the following areas, consider our pre k program for your child:

  • Centerville
  • Loganville
  • Lithonia
  • Snellville
  • Lilburn
  • And throughout the surrounding area

We offer free tours of our center for families who are new to our programs. During the tour, you will be able to see inside our classrooms and experience our programs in action. This is also a great time to address any questions you may have. Call or stop by our location to set up your tour.

For more information about our pre k in Centerville, call us today at (770) 985-9555.