Infant Daycare in Cumming: Care for Your Precious Little One

For your child’s care, you want a second home where they feel loved. At Discovery Point Bethelview in Cumming, we are an engaged and educational child care center. Our infant daycare offers unique care for each child and encourages key developmental skills. We strive every day to raise the quality of care and education for children in our local community.

Our Approach to Infant Daycare

We take a unique, whole-child approach to daycare. Going beyond the traditional concept of daycare, we help children develop their creativity, confidence, and imagination. With fun activities that also teach valuable skills, your child will receive the care and encouragement they need to learn and grow.

Our educational infant daycare program is specially designed for the needs of children ages 6 weeks to 12 months. In this stage of life, your baby will begin to build their language, literacy, and social skills. We encourage this foundational learning by interacting with them and fostering a love of exploration and discovery.

At Discovery Point Bethelview, we are proud to give your child the care they need during the day. However, we also understand that, as a parent, you want to be involved with your child and are curious and excited to hear about what they are doing each day. That’s why we advocate for strong parental involvement and relationships with our team.

To keep you informed on the care and development of your child, we provide a daily infant report. This will update you on your child’s feedings, diaper changes, and development throughout the day. We also encourage you to share stories about your evenings, mornings and weekends with our teachers so they can keep the care we provide in line with your schedule, activities, and routiens at home.

About Our Infant Rooms

Our infant daycare is hosted in our specially-designed infant rooms. Safety is one of our top priorities, and we have many measures and procedures in place for your child. We incorporate soft edges to protect your child while crawling or pulling up. Our open-concept play area also allows for full teacher supervision. Lastly, our teachers work to sanitize toys throughout the day, and all sheets are washed daily as well.

Apart from the safety measures, our infant rooms are designed for exploration and fun! We use only age-appropriate toys and materials that encourage discovery and exploration of new ideas and experiences. We love caring for the children in the Cumming area, and hope to provide them with a secure and fun environment for day-to-daycare.

Stop by today or schedule a tour with us to learn more about our infant daycare in Cumming!

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