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March 1, 2017

Choosing the Right Extra-Curricular Activity in Duluth

Learning Shouldn’t Be Restricted to the Classroom!

At Discovery Point Howell Ferry, we’re devoted to fostering healthy, active children through our “whole-child” approach. Our extracurricular classes aim to improve not only your child’s physical health, but also to help your children discover new interests and continue to grow in their love for learning.

How to Choose the Perfect Program for Your Child

We provide several after-school options for our families, and selecting the best one might be overwhelming at first! We encourage parents to talk with their children, seeking to identify activities to which your child is already naturally drawn.

Does your child love to move to music? Consider participating in our ballet program! Does your child have an innate physicality?

Each activity is designed to allow our children to flourish in a nurturing environment, where they learn the fundamental elements of each activity as well as cooperative play, improved memorization skills, and constructive self-control.

We offer the following extra-curricular activities in Duluth:

  • Ballet & Dance: Children naturally love to dance. Our ballet programs are designed to encourage this creative play while introducing participants to the beginning fundamentals of the art.
  • Second languages: Let your children experience another language early, when it’s not only easier to learn but also to encourage an early love of learning about other cultures.
  • Music lessons: Music lessons expose your children early to an instrument, encouraging explorative play while they are introduced to the fundamental foundations of the discipline.

Ask for a full class schedule for our extracurricular activities in Duluth by contacting Discovery Point Howell Ferry today!