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Prominence Pt.

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Child Care Services in Canton, GA

25+ Years of Teaching Excellence in Georgia

Children develop the most during their first few years. From physical growth to cognitive understanding, they are constantly absorbing and processing new information. At Discovery Point Prominence Pt., our experienced teachers and staff construct a curriculum that engages the students’ sense of fun, while teaching them valuable lessons. We help encourage a child’s natural curiosity and help them grow into creative thinkers.

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Canton, GA Child Care

The Discovery Point Difference

At our day care center, we do more than simply watch your kids. We engage them in carefully constructed activities and games that exercise key developmental areas. We create a space that is safe, educational, and fun.

Why parents trust us with their children:

  • We have a low teacher to student ratio.
  • We offer nutritious meals and exercise.
  • Our teachers create lessons based on the students’ needs.
  • Our facility has separate rooms for each age group.

Help your children pursue their goals, while you pursue your own. Contact Discovery Point Prominence Pt. to schedule a no-obligation tour today!