It’s a “Timeless Summer” at Discovery Point!

Timeless Summer

Campers will travel through time, with each week being a different page from the past. The children get to travel to the time of dinosaurs, Vikings, and the Medieval Ages, as well as specific decades like the 1950’s, the 1980’s, and more! 

Summer Camp 2022 Weekly Themes

Week 1 – Century Surf to the 1920’s!

Introduce our time travel theme with lessons and activities about things from 100 years ago!

Week 2 – Dabbling in the Days of the Dinosaurs

Learn what dinosaurs and flying reptiles ruled the Earth millions of years ago!

Week 3 – Riding the Rails in the 1930’s

See how people got creative and inventive during the 1930’s.

Week 4 – Voyages of the Vikings

How did these ancient farmers become legendary Vikings?

Week 5 – Rock Around the Clock in the 1950’s

Campers will go back to a time when we rocked around the jukebox at our favorite diner!

Week 6 – Days and Knights in the Medieval Ages

Play medieval games and end the week with a festival!

Week 7 – Get On Down in the 1970’s

Campers can see how groovy things were in a time of bell bottoms and disco lights!

Week 8 – The Golden Age of Pirates

Arrrr ya ready for some seaworthy adventures?

Week 9 – Happy Trails on a Trip Out West 

Mosey on over to the West and join explorers looking for a new way of life!

Week 10 – Totally Tubular 1980’s

Let’s breakdance over to the time when shoulder pads and big hair were totally awesome!

Discover a Summer Camp Full of Possibilities!

Summer is an exciting time in every child’s life—full of fun, friends, play, new experiences, and adventures! Everyone deserves cherished memories from their childhood summers. At Discovery Point, we want to become part of your child’s most beloved memories. Our summer camp programs are an exciting way for your child to get the most out of their vacation from school with plenty of learning, field trips, and fun.

Discovery Point hosts a number of summer camps, allowing children the opportunity to enjoy new experiences and adventures! Every Discovery Point Child Development Center offers unique summer camps and enrichment programs, so be sure to call us to learn more about the programs in your area. We offer services in Canton, Holly Springs, and the surrounding areas.

Our summer camps include a number of exciting opportunities, including:

  • Cooking projects
  • Physical fitness challenges/activities
  • Science experiments
  • Hands-on activities
  • Field trips to local attractions, historical landmarks, museums, and parks
  • Weekly lesson themes
  • Engaging, educational talks from teachers and guest speakers
  • Fun competitions
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