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January 4, 2022
Teacher reading book to students during educational child care in Brooksville

Learn About Our Educational Child Care in the Brooksville Area

As you search for educational child care near Brooksville, you are looking for a safe and comprehensive care provider that is fully accredited. Our team at Discovery Point Silverthorn is committed to meeting the needs of our students. We combine comprehensive care with an educational focus. Keep reading below for more details about our programs.

5 Key Elements of Our Educational Child Care Near Brooksville

We have everything completely covered in our educational child care programs. From encouraging healthy habits to keeping your child safe, you can have peace of mind when your child is in our care. Our team is here to help your child learn, grow, and have fun.

The five key elements of our programs are as follows:

  • Safety and security: Our center prioritizes the safety of our students at all times. We conduct visitor ID screenings, have child-friendly classrooms, and secure our entrance with a keypad lock.
  • Learning and growth: We hope to inspire a lifelong love of learning for our students. With programs available for infants up to 12-year-olds, we focus on providing age-appropriate content and materials that students will love. 
  • Health and nutrition: Our center provides USDA-approved meals, and encourages physical movement and exercise. Properly-fed children are better prepared for a day of learning and playing!
  • Curriculum: Using research-based curriculums in our programs provides well-rounded content for our students. You can expect your child to advance in literacy, language development, science, and math.
  • Quality assurance: Our mission is to provide the best possible care for your child. All of our employees are certified in CPR and First Aid to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students. 

Enroll at Discovery Point Silverthorn

Discovery Point Silverthorn has been family owned and operated since 2008. Over the years, our passion for providing comprehensive and educational child care has grown. We take pride in our ability to meet the needs of our students. Families in the following communities are welcome to enroll in our programs:

  • Brooksville
  • Spring Hill
  • Weeki Wachee
  • Hernando Beach
  • And throughout the surrounding areas

We offer complimentary tours of our center. If you are new to our programs, this is a great opportunity to learn about our programs and ask any questions you have. Tours can be scheduled at your convenience by appointment only.

To get started with our educational child care in the Brooksville area, call us today at (352) 796-9331.