These optional activities are negotiated by Discovery Point in order to provide enrichment opportunities, Discovery Point does not make a profit on any of these activities and the providers have all reduced their pricing to a family friendly rate. For those activities that require transportation the State requires that we renew that permission every 8 weeks. Please read the descriptive information that follows. This is information only. You will be offered an additional form to sign up.

All activities are $10 per week per activity. Each activity meets 1 to 2 times each week. You are free to elect multiple activities. Each activity is an additional $10

Initial activities begin August 15th

First Touch Soccer Clinic Offered to ages 6 + at Discovery Point 4:30 Tuesdays

Keith Bush played throughout his college career at Oglethorpe. It is his great desire to give back. He will be offering 40 minute skill training sessions 3 days a week. All 3 days for the one $10 charge and no travel involved. You couldn’t get a better price for this type of small group instruction.

Piano Keyboard Lessons Offered to ages 3-12 at Discovery Point 4:30 Mondays

Piano Lessons by Chundra Wright will provide keyboard instruction using the Pre-K A room beginning Sept 1st. . She provides the keyboards and music supplies. The $10 weekly fee covers everything provided during this lesson. This one is a real deal and a significant reduction in rates. To assure individual attention this class will divide into 2 groups with 30 min. lessons each group.www.musicthewrightway.com

For our youngest:

Our 3 and 4 year olds will be able to enroll for morning classes. At 9:00 initially on Tuesday’s once a week. We will offer a choice between ballet and tumbling in our café. Ga Stars Academy of Dance will bring a portable balance bar for ballet and all the equipment for tumbling. They will set up in the café and both activities will occur at the same time. IF there is sufficient response we will have 2 days with ballet on one day and tumbling on the other. Each activity is one day a week for the $10. www.GeorgiaStarsAcademyofDance.net

For our School Age Children: 
Dance, Cheer, Karate, and more

Our Off site activities will be conducted at the GA Stars Academy of Dance where several programs will be available

Georgia Stars Academy is well established and familiar to many. They have a facility in Stone Mountain and now one just across the street next to Marco’s pizza. These activities do require transportation so they are limited to 5 and up and permission for transportation must be renewed every 8 weeks. However, these activities are based on progressive skill building. If you elect these activities please consider the need for consistent attendance.

For Boys we are offering Hip Hop Dance or Karate

For Girls Hip Hop Dance. Cheer leading or Tumbling

Each event will meet once or twice a week at 4:00 on Tuesday/Thursday or on Wednesday/Friday

A shout out to Ga Stars! Offering these classes twice a week for $10 per activity is less than half their typical rate. Ga Stars has elected to partner with us in providing you an affordable after school experience. Many other classes are available directly through Ga Stars.