Before & After School Programs in Snellville

As a working parent in Snellville, you need a child care solution you can trust. At Discovery Point Zoar Rd, we offer before and after school programs that keep school-aged students engaged and inspired. In addition, they offer peace of mind for parents who are busy outside of school hours. Not only will your child benefit from nurturing care in a safe environment, but they’ll also experience plenty of opportunities for personal growth and development.

A Before & After School Program You Can Rely On

We go above and beyond for our students in the following ways:

Trustworthy transportation. We offer transportation to some public schools in Snellville with safe, state-inspected and approved buses. That way, you don’t have to worry about getting your child from point A to point B during your busy workday.

Age-appropriate programs. Our before and after school programs have been designed to keep school-age students engaged in the learning process, inspiring and challenging them with new ideas while also enabling them to relax and socialize.

A top-notch facility. Our child care center has been specifically created to offer a safe and secure environment for children where they can feel at home. From private bathrooms to open floor plans and age-separate playgrounds, we’ve covered all the details to keep your child comfortable.

Meeting the Child Care Needs of Families in Snellville

Our child care professionals personally help foster the growth and development of our school-age students, encouraging them to discover new possibilities through hands-on activities and nurturing care. We strive to give children the resources they need to initiate the learning process themselves and thereby experience the magic of grasping new concepts and building new skills.

kids having fun at our before and after school programs in Snellville

Through our before and after school programs, children have the opportunity to participate in fun, age-appropriate activities that challenge their critical thinking abilities and make learning interactive and exciting. From team-building games to individualized learning strategies, we cover all the bases to continue the academic and social development of your child outside of school hours.

Plus, we’re here for our students even on days when the school bell doesn’t ring. Whether it’s a teacher workday or school break, our child care programs ensure that your family has access to the child care you need when school isn’t in session.

Contact Discovery Point Zoar Rd today at (770) 985-9555 to learn more about our before and after school programs by booking a free tour of our child care center in Snellville.

Kids playing soccer