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August 6, 2018
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Discovery Point Announces New Proprietary Curriculum

Discovery Point is proud to announce our new proprietary curriculum, Discovery Point Connections. The research based curriculum of weekly theme units focuses on child centered learning through children’s literature and early language development. The program was piloted in the spring and will be fully implemented in Discovery Point centers beginning this fall.

“We created Discovery Point Connections based off research that demonstrates the importance of developing neural connections in the early part of a child’s life,” says Andrea Moore, Executive Director of Operations and Training. “Early exposure to literacy doesn’t just raise performance in reading and comprehension in later years, but in all cognitive areas including math and problem solving.”

Discovery Point Connections focuses on literature and language-based elements to form synapse connections in children’s brains.  The curriculum will be flexible enough for adaptions to be made for individual students’ needs and interests and will be presented with the critical connecting factors of language and literacy. Each unit will include creative arts, discovery-based science, music and movement, math and social skills.

“Research indicates that sensory pathways in children’s brains, like those for basic vision and hearing, are the first to develop followed quickly by language skills and cognitive functions,” adds Christina Feldkamp, Discovery Point’s Manager of Curriculum. “With this information, we set out to curate our own curriculum that would provide the children in our centers with a great foundation for future learning and development. We feel that Connections will truly make an impact on the development of the children we serve across the country.”