A Message from the CEO

A Message from Our CEO: Our Daycare Franchise Opportunities

When we opened the first Discovery Point center in 1988, we never planned to have daycare franchise opportunities bearing the Discovery Point name. Our goal was simply to provide the best child care possible. That was our one and only focus.

The months flew by in that first center as we developed our processes and workflow. We were getting the knack for running an educational care operation. Those were challenging days, for sure. It was hard work – seven days a week – and risking everything, every day. But I look back on them fondly. It was so rewarding to see our dream taking shape.

With things running smoothly, we turned our attention to the books… to the profits and losses. It was then we saw a limit to our potential. Our building was only so big and it could only hold so many kids. There was a cap to how successful we could be with one single center.

Never accept that anything cannot be done. Find the way to make it happen.

I started calling on my business experience to figure out a way to make ourselves more profitable. My previous career stops had been as president for a distributor/retailer of computer equipment and, prior to that, president of a company that manufactured small engine powered equipment.

One lesson that had always stuck with me was that if you wanted to be successful with anything, you had to do a lot of it. In one respect, that means practicing your skills to improve your performance. But in business, I always viewed it as simply doing MORE. If you could create a repeatable, efficient, successful widget or gadget or even an entire business, then you could replicate that success again and again.

Teacher Reading to the Class

I saw the opportunity to apply this method to Discovery Point. We knew how to make one successful center, so we set out to make that model for success repeatable.

Our goal never changed – to provide the best child care possible – and that’s what has allowed our franchise to grow. We put our expertise in education, construction, and business to work and as a result, the Discovery Point daycare franchise soon became a reality.

But we do not grow our franchise group or offer daycare franchise opportunities just to increase numbers. The goal is not simply to have MORE locations. We want to be sure our franchisees are well supported, that each owner has the same passion for quality child development as we do, and that each is put into a position to be successful with their business.

Repeatable success. Figure out what works and do it again and again and again. That’s the key to the Discovery Point model and the foundation upon which we’ve built our daycare franchise opportunities.

We look forward to meeting you and discovering if your goals and ambitions are a good fit for our brand.

Clifford M. Clark
CEO, Discovery Point