Franchise Affiliates

Discovery Point Franchise Affiliates

Our partnerships with franchise affiliates strengthen the support we’re able to provide franchisees and increase the reach of our philosophy of child care as a whole. 

Whether through memberships in active associations, participation in regional organizations, or connections with groups who share a common cause, we always strive to build relationships that further the success of both our brand and our franchisees’ businesses.

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IFA – International Franchise Organization


IFA’s mission is to protect, enhance, and promote franchising through government relations, public relations, and educational programs. The IFA is the world’s largest and leading Franchise Trade Organization, based in Washington, DC. 

The IFA is composed of both Franchisors and Franchisees and is the definitive authority and voice of franchising. Being a member of the IFA and adhering to the IFA Code of Ethics is significant as it demonstrates Discovery Point’s commitment as a leading Franchisor of Child Development Centers by maintaining high ethical standards in selecting and working with our Franchisees.

SBA Registry

SBA Registry

The SBA offers loan programs that are a strong fit for the Discovery Point Franchise investment and capital requirements, which include the land, building, equipment package, and working capital. The SBA loan terms and interest rates are very favorable and offer a tremendous financing source for our new Franchisees. This benefits new Franchisees as they apply for SBA financing by expediting their loan process. 

Local and national banks gain confidence in making the SBA backed loan when the franchised concept is listed on the Registry. To appear on the SBA Registry, Discovery Point submitted detailed operational and financial information, including the current FDD, to the SBA for review and approval as a Nationally Approved SBA Franchise Concept. Discovery Point Franchising, Inc. is committed to helping individuals obtain the most cost effective financing available today, which is why the SBA is an important franchise affiliate.

SEFF: Southeast Franchise Forum

SEFF: Southeast Franchise Forum

The Southeast Franchise Forum is a regional organization established to foster professional relationships throughout the franchise community and enhance the reputation of franchising through the exchange of information, ideas, and solutions. Many National Franchisors are members of SEFF. Discovery Point is proud to be a member and franchise affiliate of SEFF and works to be a leader in the franchising industry.

Industry Associations

Industry Associations

Discovery Point Franchising, Inc. has always been greatly impressed with GCCA (Georgia Child Care Association) and other state organizations that support and represent members in ways that are vital to the growth of the childcare industry, especially in challenging economic times. 

Discovery Point Franchisees directly benefit from initiatives that address a variety of concerns:

  • Supporting child care interests
  • Providing access to state legislators
  • Providing lobbyists
  • Striving to increase state funding
  • Maintaining student/teacher ratios
  • Fighting for limited exemptions

Discovery Point Franchising, Inc. will continue to partner with franchise affiliates whose values align with ours and play a role in state organizations that promote professionalism and support for the child care industry.