What We Do

Child Care Franchise Opportunities Since 1988

Our vision at Discovery Point is to raise the quality of care and education of children in the communities we serve.

We believe that Discovery Point’s success in the child care and daycare industry depends on the success of each franchisee. Our proven business model includes everything you need to know about starting a child care business and operating it as a successful Discovery Point Center. Our turnkey package is a vital component of the Discovery Point Advantage.

As a franchisee, your business has already been designed, developed, and rigorously tested in every type of environment. When you sign on with our preschool franchise, you’re getting a business model with proven success. From the curriculum-based floorplans to the robust security protocol, you’ll be ready to enroll from your first day onward.

The core values of Discovery Point Franchising place us a step above the rest. Rooted in our philosophy is the belief that our company, and each educational franchise, has a positive impact on your children and their future.

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Our Child Care Philosophy

We aim to provide educational child care combined with strong family partnerships in an active, engaged, and fun environment that promotes a love of learning.

Our philosophy in child development focuses on children’s curiosity. At the foundation of their learning, curiosity is what enables children to become independent thinkers. When children have the opportunity to explore their worlds, they can become better problem solvers. Our philosophy incorporates the following elements:

  • Imagination
  • Growth
  • Exploration

Discovery Point’s low child-to-teacher ratios mean your child will develop strong and loving relationships. When children feel loved, they feel free to discover more about themselves and the world around them. And when you know that your children are receiving the attention, affection and approval that you want for them, you’ll feel better, too.

Our advantage is simple: a profound and profoundly simple approach to child care—albeit, backed by scientific research, years of child development theory, and cutting-edge educational curriculum.

We offer prospective franchisees the following advantages:

  • Industry Leadership
  • Effective Support
  • Renowned Curriculum
  • Marketing Support
  • Influential Advocacy

Unparalleled Support

Our team of experts offer training, insight, and assistance from the moment our franchisees become owners. Their experience will aid you in choosing a site, oversee construction of your preschool, and help you prepare for your opening day. We also advise our franchisees through the child care licensing process with a extensive four-week training program that serves as a guide. The Franchise Team provides operational support through your start-up process and every day your center is open. With more than 100 years of combined experience in the child care industry, our experts are a vital source of information and guidance.

Nationally-Recognized Curriculum

A Preschool Curriculum that Fosters a Natural Love for Learning

Since 1988, Discovery Point has recognized the positive impact an effective preschool curriculum has on a child’s development by helping them become creative, confident thinkers in a rich environment of discovery.

Creative Curriculum®

We partner with Teaching Strategies® to implement the Creative Curriculum® System for Preschool, a nationally recognized preschool curriculum program for early childhood development. By creating opportunities for hands-on exploration and discovery, this preschool curriculum builds a foundation for critical thinking. Each included component is: intentional, proven, and grounded in scientific research and child development theory.

Discovery Point Connections®

Our own supplementary preschool curriculum is focused on early language development and literacy. Weekly thematic units foster a love for books, music, poetry, and writing while using language as the connection to math, science, problem solving, and social-emotional development in a child care setting.

Marketing Support

Our National Advertising Program promotes your child care center while supplementing your local marketing efforts. We provide resources to every Discovery Point owner in two ways: 1) our national advertising efforts build your credibility and brand effectiveness; and 2) our extensive library of customizable, pre-approved, and press-quality marketing resources allow you to create a high level marketing campaign for your own neighborhood. You can customize our professionally produced marketing materials for your specific needs then print them at your center or through your preferred vendor. Our marketing library will become a vital part of your business’ longevity and revenue-building efforts.

Professional Advocacy in the Industry

The leadership of Discovery Point continues to grow your influence by developing relationships with various organizations in the child care industry. For example, our current relationship with the Georgia Child Care Association has been a boon to our franchisees in Georgia. Our leaders continue to advocate for both children and franchisees by promoting quality child care practices across the country.